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Walnut beverage series

Name: Walnut Vegetable Protein Beverage
Ingredients: water, white sugar, walnuts, food additives (Mono-and di-fatty acid ester,Diglycerol fatty acid ester,xanthan gum,sucrose fatty ester,carrageenan,trimeric sodium phosphate,sodium carbonate)Food Flavour
Product Details

Walnut kernel added amount ≥3% (m/m)

Protein content ≥0.6% (m/m)

Pigment added: 0g/kg Preservative added: 0g/kg

Executive standard: GB/T 31325

Food production license number: SC10612011603033

Net content: 240 ml

Storage conditions: store at room temperature, not near heat source, prevent freezing

Manufacturer: Tianjin Shanhaiguan Beverage Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 3, West 15th Road, Tianjin Free Trade Zone (Airport Economic Zone)


Shanhaiguan Walnut Beverage adopts modern technology and strictly follows the requirements of Walnut Beverage National Standard GB/T31325 "Plant Protein Drink - Walnut Beverage (Milk)". It is made from walnut kernels and does not contain other proteins and fats other than walnut kernels,Fruits, seeds, nuts and other products.

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