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Brand story



Tianjin Shanhaiguan Beverage Co., Ltd. was founded in the British Concession in Tianjin. The factory is located near Wanguo Bridge (now Jiefang Bridge) and was named “Wan Guo Mineral Water Company”.


In the same year, the company produced the first soda in China.

In the same year, the company produced the first soda in China.

In 1953, “Tianjin Shanhaiguan Soda Water Plant” successfully developed the first carbonated juice beverage in Asia. The “Shanhaiguan” juice soda became a special drink for the State Banquet of the People's Republic of China with its unique formula and taste.

2008 to present

1902 to 1970s

1970s to 2008

Tianjin Shanhaiguan Beverage Co., Ltd. List of Trademarks from 1902 to the present


Wan Guo Mineral Water Company


rename to Shanhaiguan Soda water Incorporated company


rename to Shanhaiguan Soda water company


rename to Shanhaiguan Soda water limited company


rename to Tianjin Shanhaiguan Soda water Plant


rename to Tianjin Food Fermentation Corporation Company


rename to Tianjin Shanhaiguan Beverage Plant


rename to Tianjin Shifa Group Co., Ltd.


rename to Tianjin Shanhaiguan beverage Co.,Ltd.


List of Company name changes from 1902 to the present

Shanhaiguan Beverage became the

designated product of the 13th National Games in 2017

Business development history

Tianjin Shanhaiguan Beverage Company is one of the earliest enterprises in China to produce aerated water. The development of the company has experienced vicissitudes of life, experienced the growth process from prosperity to decline, and witnessed the development of a century-old brand.

●   Late Qing Dynasty 1902-1912 British business lineage, grandly born:

Founded in 1902, Shanhaiguan Beverage Company was invested and built in Tianjin by British merchants Mellors sand et al, when the name is Universal aerated water company (the predecessor of Shanhaiguan Beverage Company). It is the earliest aerated water producer in China. The production factory site is located near the Jiefang Bridge in Tianjin (formerly the former site of the Liberation Bridge Cinema), which mainly produced lemonade and soda. After the establishment of the company, because the production water was transported from the Shanhaiguan area to the Tianjin factory through the railway, Universal aerated water company won the “privilege” of selling soda on the trains of the JingFeng Railway Bureau, and opened the sale for the Tianjin-Beijing market. In 1903, the site was moved to Shanhaiguan and renamed as Shanhaiguan Aerated Water Co., Ltd., the English name is CRYSTAL LIMITED. Because of advanced equipment, pure water quality and excellent product quality, Shanhaiguan soda has been favored by consumers since it was listed, and it has entered high-end restaurants such as Kissling.

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●  The Republic of China 1912-1949 rapid development, thriving:

In order to further increase the variety of operations and expand the scope of business, Shanhaiguan Soda Water Co., Ltd. established a branch factory in Tianjin in 1912. On December 1, 1922, the last emperor held a wedding ceremony in the Forbidden City. The Shanhaiguan soda was placed on the wedding banquet table and became the "national drink." According to historical records: "The milk cake, bread, butter pudding, sardines, beef, chicken, duck, etc. ordered from the Six Nations Hotel (later renamed Beijing Hotel) the previous day, filled with round tables, French champagne, five-star beer, Shanhaiguan soda cup and cup staggered ......" With the increase in the popularity of Shanhaiguan's soda, the annual sales have increased significantly, and the demand for products is in short supply. As the products are favored by consumers at home and abroad, they quickly entered the high-end western restaurant such as Kissling, becoming the most fashionable drink for the high officials and noble lords to welcom 


In 1927, “Shanhaiguan” soda company established a sales partnership with Coca-Cola and owned the bottle patent right of Coca-Cola, making it a bottling plant in northern China, which enabled Shanhaiguan to develop rapidly. In addition to the production of Coca-Cola, it also produced a variety of sweet soda: Xifeng aerated water, soda water, baking soda. The company produced secondary distilled water, mainly for pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, electricity industry, dye houses, and sits firmly in the top spot in the northern beverage industry.


In 1927, “Shanhaiguan” soda company established a sales partnership with Coca-Cola and owned the bottle patent right of Coca-Cola, making it a bottling plant in northern China, which enabled Shanhaiguan to develop rapidly. In addition to the production of Coca-Cola, it also produced a variety of sweet soda: Xifeng aerated water, soda water, baking soda. The company produced secondary distilled water, mainly for pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, electricity industry, dye houses, and sits firmly in the top spot in the northern beverage industry.


Shanhaiguan's soda is highly favored by the market, and it has great influence at all levels of society at that time. Mr. Zhang Shouchen, a famous cross talk performance artist, combined the traditional comic dialogue “Opening the Congee Factory” with the social life and people of the time, and joined the Shanhaiguan soda element: “A plate of black mulberry, a plate of white mulberry, with a cattail bag of sweet cherry, a bag of prunus besseyi, a hundred apricots, two taels realgars, four boxes of five poisonous steamed bun, each five catties of rose cakes and purplevine cakes, two dozens of Shanhaiguan soda..." At that time, the stores were able to sell to the "Shanhaiguan" brand Soda, has signed an agreement not to sell other brands of beverages, "Shanhaiguan" soda company almost monopolized the Tianjin beverage market. In 1948, it was also sold to Beijing, Datong of Shanxi province, and Kaifeng of Henan province.

● The founding of the People's Republic of China 1949-1978 Enterprise transformation, based on development:

In the 1960s, with the full recovery of the national economy, the “Shanhaiguan” soda plant also entered a stage of rapid development. In April 1983, the original factory was all relocated to the new site of Hongqi Road and renamed as “Tianjin Beverage Factory”, becoming one of the famous eight beverage brands in China.


After the founding of New China, it was officially renamed as “Tianjin Shanhaiguan Aerated Water Factory”, which is the first state-owned enterprise to produce beverages in China. Shanhaiguan,the first technical consultant and professor-level senior engineer of “Shanhaiguan” soda industry factory, led the technicians to make bold innovations. Through the improvement of formula and improvement of production technology, the concept of using domestic raw materials was realized, and juice-type aearted water was developed. - Shanhaiguan Orange Soda, pioneered the juice-type carbonated beverage category, making Shanhaiguan the first brand in China and even Asia to introduce juice type carbonated beverage. Its unique formula and refreshing taste have been selected as special drinks for the National Assembly of the Great Hall of the People.


In 1956, the Ministry of Local Industry organized the National Soda Conference, and Shanhaiguan Soda was ranked first in the country. In the 1960s, with the comprehensive recovery of the national economy, the “Shanhaiguan” soda water plant also entered a stage of rapid development. With advanced production management, business philosophy and strong technical force, the economic benefits have been significantly improved. In order to meet the needs of the market, we are constantly investing in new equipment and developing new products. In addition to producing juice-type soda, we also produce candy in the off-season of soda, and then develop new products such as salt soda, kvass and fresh orange juice. Due to the wide variety of products, the old warehouse of Dalian Road is limited, the products are nowhere to be stored, the roads are crowded all the year round, and the traffic is gambling. In 1974, the Tianjin Economic and Trade Commission decided to relocate the Shanhaiguan Aerated Water Plant to Hongqi Road.

● Reform and Opening:

(1) The scale of the 1980s increased sharply and went to glory. From 1974 to 1983, after 10 years, the original factory moved to the new site of Hongqi Road in April and was renamed “Tianjin Beverage Factory”. Since then, Shanhaiguan’s soda has reached its peak.


During this period, the “Shanhaiguan” soda water went to the glory stage of career. In the summer, the large wooden barrels of the Shanhaiguan soda ice became a scene of the cool summer streets, so the "Shanhaiguan" soda has become one of the famous eight drinks in China. After the relocation, the Tianjin Beverage Factory strictly controlled the quality of its products, always adhered to the scientific and technological innovation as the guide, and refined the quality and craftsmanship to ensure the quality of each bottle of “Shanhaiguan” soda and was recognized by the society. In 1987, Tianjin Beverage Factory cooperated with the United States Coca-Cola Company to establish Tianjin Jinmei Beverage Co., Ltd. The company introduced the most advanced beverage production line and the West German filling production equipment from Romania. It has a top-level water treatment workshop to ensure the quality and healthy of soda, and equipped with computer room management production, distribution and other links. The company adheres to the concept of advanced production and management, and regularly holds training in market sales and soft drinks. In addition to this, it also focuses on the selection and promotion of management cadres. Due to advanced production technology and reliable product quality, “Shanhaiguan” soda has won the Tianjin Quality Product Award in 1983, 1985 and 1987; in 1986, it was awarded the Quality Product Award by the Ministry of Light Industry of China; in 1988, it was awarded the first China Food Exhibition Famous,Special and Outstanding of new product gold award.


(2)Fresh appearance in the 1990s, it has been praised since the 1990s. Shanhaiguan changed the traditional image of the past. For the first time, the wavy yellow print with the Shanhaiguan trademark was used on the bottle to make it more in line with the aesthetic and new trends of the time. The image is more aesthetic.


In 1990, Tianjin Jinmei Beverage Co., Ltd. began to produce Shanhaiguan soda. At the beginning of the cooperation, “Shanhaiguan” soda still sold well in Tianjin, becoming an indispensable drink on the table of Tianjin citizens, and its output and sales reached the highest level in history. In the same year, it was awarded the title of National Excellent Product by virtue of its superior quality. In 1992, it was awarded the famous Tianjin trademark. In 1994, it was rated as the favorite consumer goods of Tianjin people.

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● In 2014, it is ready to go, returning heavily:

Under the vigorous promotion of Tianjin Bohai Light Industry Investment Group, the restoration of Shanhaiguan brand and products was officially launched in 2008. After six years of careful brew and preparation, Shanhaiguan Beverage Co., Ltd. rose again in Tianjin Airport Technology Development Zone. With an area of more than 100 acres, it has a modern filling production line, a main agent processing workshop, warehousing and distribution and product development and other modern beverage production bases. In August 2014, Shanhaiguan Soda, with the trust and expectation of everyone, and returned to the national brand vitality and reloaded!


Shanhaiguan Soda still uses a unique old formula that retains the taste and high nutritional content of fresh fruit. Taking Zhejiang Huangyan Tangerine as the main raw material, picking at the best ripening stage of the tangerine, peeling off the orange peel and making orange juice with orange meat. Bring in the most advanced bottling production line in China - Nanjing Light Industry Machinery Group's fully automatic equipment to ensure that the soda water reaches more than 4 barometric pressure. On the basis of ensuring the old taste, the packaging has added new popular elements. The new LOGO is designed based on the original LOGO of Shanhaiguan. It retains the styling characteristics of the old LOGO to the greatest extent. While retaining the artwork of the gate building, it carefully adjusts the details of the three words of Shanhaiguan. Shanhaiguan itself has the majestic temperament. The addition of Shanhaiguan's English style, using English font style, implies the historical background of Shanhaiguan soda from the West originally, and symbolizes the style of the sea, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit and development concept of the new generation of Shanhaiguan people. In the middle of the bottle, there is an abstract Great Wall crenel shape line that around the circle. It echoes the brand name of Shanhaiguan. It represents the marrow of tradition of brand history of the Shanhaiguan from 1902 to the current. It highlights the national pride of Shanhaiguan soda as the first soda of the nation. There are two pieces of Shanhaiguan's English-shaped raised design in the grip of the bottle body, which fully considers the scene of the consumer's drinking can play a good anti-slip function. At the bottom of the bottle and there is a Braille reminder, please shake it before drinking, which better reflects the humane care and corporate mind of the Shanhaiguan brand.

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