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Tianjin Shanhaiguan BeverageCo., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Airport Economic Area, a holding company of Tianjin Bohai Light Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. with total investment of 100 million Yuan, covering an area of more than 100 Mu. We have the internationally first-class filling production line, processing workshop, modem production equipment imported from Italy and USA, advanced warehouse management and efficient logistics distribution, established an integration base of product research and development. Meanwhile, we start the strategic cooperation with famous microbiology institute and testing center in Tianjin to ensure our products safety, health, nutrition and reliability.


We sincerely welcome your cooperation with us and we can provide best products and service for you.


 At present, the company mainly produces and sells glass bottles of mandarin juice, orange carbonated juice, canned mandarin carbonated juice, natural soda, and will also introduce new products such as Shanhaiguan lemonade, pineapple soda, mineral water and so on.


Brand Vision

Make the 100-year national brand into the nation's first juice-containing aerated water brand.


Sales network

At present, the company's sales scope covers Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei and other markets. In the future, it will enter Shandong, Henan and other places, and then move to the whole country, with sales network covering all regions.


Business development vision

Media strategic partners: CCTV, Tianjin TV, Beijing TV, Hebei TV, Shandong TV, Tianjin Daily, China Daily, Beijing Daily, Beijing News, People's Daily, Xinhua net, IFENG, People’s Daily Net, Sina, Tencent, Netease, iQIYI, Youku Tudou, Sohu video, etc.

Media strategic partner

Shanhaiguan - the pioneer of juice-type carbonated beverages

We are the pioneers of fruit juices and beverages | We use high quality fruit puree | Make Chinese carbonated juice 

Natural good fruit puree is added, so compared with other carbonated drinks, Shanhaiguan soda has better fruit flavor and taste.

Based on the concept of safety, health and naturalness, Shanhaiguan Soda has a natural and minimum amount of use and selection of food additives, and less synthetic substances are healthier.

Bottle appearance features:

Re-created by famous Chinese designers, in addition to the original "Shanhaiguan defensive Wall LOGO" and other classic elements, the new packaging has also accumulated more modern elements, adding new elements to the body of glass bottle, LOGO, etc, giving new meaning and be more in line with the "new trend" nowadays.


The newly designed “Shanhaiguan”bottle has adjusted the original capacity of 350 ml to 248 ml, which is more suitable for consumers of different ages and genders to drink at one time.

The “Shanhaiguan” new bottle with classic charm has a sturdy overall shape and smooth lines. The bottle body is close to the hand and has an ergonomic design. In the middle of the bottle, there is an abstract Great Wall symbol line that surrounds in circle, echoing the brand name of Shanhaiguan, and achieving the unity of vision and feeling. 1902 represents a century-old brand history, highlighting the pride of Shanhaiguan soda as a national brand of drinking. Due to the full consideration of the consumer will be taken out of the freezer in the summer, the bottle body has two convex designs in the shape of the Shanhaiguan, which can play a good anti-slip effect; and it can bring consumers different feelings on the touch while drinking. The English of the bottle also implies the background of the British business in the history of Shanhaiguan soda, telling the history of a hundred years. At the bottom of the bottle and there is a Braille reminder, please shake it before drinking, which better reflects the humanistic care of the Shanhaiguan brand.

Shanhaiguan Soda still uses a unique old formula that retains the taste and high nutritional content of fresh fruit. Taking Mandarin from Zhejiang Huangyanas the main raw material, picking at the best ripening stage of the mandarin, peeling off the mandarin peel and making juice with it’s meat. Introduce the most advanced bottling production line in China - Nanjing Light Industry Machinery Group's fully automatic equipment to ensure that the soda water reaches more than 4 atmospheres. On the basis of ensuring the old taste, the packaging has added new popular elements.

The new LOGO is designed based on the original LOGO of Shanhaiguan. It retains the styling characteristics of the old LOGO to the greatest extent. While retaining the shape of the gate building, it carefully adjusts the details of the three words of Shanhaiguan. Shanhaiguan itself has the majestic temperament. The addition of Shanhaiguan's English style, using English font style, implies the historical background of Shanhaiguan soda from the West, and symbolizes the style of the sea, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit and development concept of the new generation of Shanhaiguan people.

In the middle of the bottle, there is an abstract Great Wall mouth shape line that surrounds in circle. It echoes the brand name of Shanhaiguan. It represents the history of the Shanhaiguan brand from 1902 to the current. It highlights the national pride of Shanhaiguan soda as a national independent brand. There are two pieces of Shanhaiguan's English-shaped raised design in the grip of the bottle body, which fully considers the scene of the consumer's drinking can play a good anti-slip function. At the bottom of the bottle and there is a Braille reminder, please shake it before drinking, which better reflects the humane care and corporate mind of the Shanhaiguan brand.